1. posts/Twitter: an Untapped Well of Potential New Users

    About 600 words | 3 min | 2014-05-09

    How I used NLP to find users I would have never targeted before. Over the better part of a decade, Twitter has become an extremely useful tool for startups and entrepreneurs alike. With over 600 million users and an average of 58 million tweets on any given day, it allows early stage startups to find and get in touch with their initial target audience easier than ever before. For example, looking at these tweets, there’s room for user acquisition depending on your product or service you’re selling.

  2. posts/Dropouts

    About 900 words | 5 min | 2013-09-03

    I’m a college dropout. My father, until last year, was a college dropout. My startup is all dropouts. A bunch of my friends have dropped out of college. Is this saying something about the current education system or is it something to say about our current generation? Before I get into that I should at least give you my backstory so you can get my point of view. September 2000, I’m six years old starting school for the first time.